Integration problem with Google Data Studio (UW Impact++)


I am tying to connect my central installation with Google Data Studio. It is giving following error from ADD DATA SOURCE dialogue in GDS:

Community Connector Error
There was an error caused by the community connector. Please report the issue to the provider of this community connector if this issue persists.

Connector details
You have entered an invalid URL.

ODK Central by UW Impact++

User has entered an invalid URL. API request to get table names failed. 

My URL is not invalid, since it is working fine on excel connectivity. Can someone help about what the issue can be?


I faintly remember a similar problem with the url. Do you need the base url or the odata service url?

I am pasting the OData URL (*.svc) as given by the dashboard SUBMISSIONS page.

I just discovered that it is happening to all forms on that server (initially I thought only one form is causing issue). But the form work perfectly fine on excel.


After a long testing, I have discovered that the ODK Central plugin in GDS entertains only one connection to a single Central server. Since I was trying to make another report with the data on a different Central server, the plugin was only trying to connect to the previous/old Central server which was connected to a different report. It did not give me the option of entering a user/pass for the new server.

I assume someone from UW Impact team might be interested to propose a solution to this, i.e. connecting to different central servers with the plugin, for different GDS dashboards.


Hello! The Data Studio integration was a great benefit for our organization, but we are no longer to establish ODK as a data source. We get the same error message quoted above. We're hoping a workaround can be managed! Thank you.

Hello @Saad @forest! My name is Sam, I am the new TPM for the UW Impact++ team! Apologies for not responding sooner! I have a few updates on the connector and an idea for how to address the problem you are having.

The main update is that due to a mistake made while trying to update the connector it was taken off the Community Connector Gallery, we are in the process of trying to republish it but communications with Google to do so have been slow. Updates will be posted here: and the temporary connector that can be used is this one: (note that it will not be the one eventually published).

In regards to the issue of only being able to connect to one central server, our plan is to allow users to expire their credentials (right now they are saved indefinitely). This would allow users to log out and connect to a different server. Would that address the problem you're having @Saad?


Thanks. Well, the ideal solution I need is that I could connect multiple ODK Centrals with same GDS account (behind a single gmail address). Currently I am doing it via a very painful way, having multiple gmail accounts. Any future hopes on this solution?


Hey @Saad We added a logout process that allows users to log out of the Central Server you are connected to and login to a different one. It will also check which server you are logged into when you are editing/refreshing reports and prompt you to login again if you are not connected to the right one. I believe that should solve the issue you ran into, but if not, please let us know!

I made a forum post here with more information: Updates to OData Connector from Central to GDS