Interface development to display and manage ODKCentral data

I would like to know if any user or developer has created or made available a system with a frontend interface to process the data coming from ODKCentral, in a more dynamic way, with a display of imagens and other things.

Hi @BrunoAngelo , in 2024 we will to try, as a test, a low/no code tool to create a frontend in an "easy" way for data from one specific form that cannot be modified in our internal thematic tools nor in Central.

We will not connect it directly to Central but to a dedicated PostgreSQL database. Anyway, such low/no code tools can also connect to rest API.

We chose Appsmith_ but there are other opensource (or not) tools like this.


wow, what wonderful news, and how will this work? You will make this system available for free, how will the community be able to use it? Will it be customizable? Will it show the media simultaneously with the data, graphs and map will also be configured in the system?
I'm very excited, can you tell me more about this?

Hi @BrunoAngelo ,
I'm affraid we will have nothing to share except our beginners experience :pensive:
The platform (appsmith_) is generic as it can connect to a lot of datasources and because it helps you to build an app with a lot of available widgets.
But we'll still need to develop one app per form that need it...
So nothing to connect to central that will alloc to modify data from all forms...