Introduce yourself here!

I am Damien KAMPEMPE KILIMALI teacher at the higher level, head of work at the higher pedagogical institute of Bukavu in the democratic republic of the congo at the department of Management IT and the department of geography and management of the environment. I am a graduate in management IT and I have a master's degree in IT applied to the geographic information system of the University of Douala in Cameroon. I am of Congolese nationality I reside in Bukavu in the province of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am responsible for a teaching and research unit in computer programming, in this context I am interested in the ODK tool for integrating it into the essential knowledge of our students, passing through certain courses to do it. by hosting conference suites I would organize workshops and teacher training seminars in order to integrate the ODK tool in my university.


Hi Punit,

My name is Anil Rawat from India Delhi.

I just joined in this community. Hope everyone who is expert in ODK will be assist me in ODK programming. Thank in advance for your support and guidance for me.

Hi, My name is Elena I am new working with ODK, I am just installing it, Im having trouble installing the ODK aggregate because I can't find the google app engine option in the panel. Can you help me?

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Hi, group! My name is QiQin(go by Royce). A master student from UC Berkeley, major in Computer Science.
I have no idea why my respond on Collect Community is flagged as spam. Anyone could help, please?

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Hello everyone,
I'm Gaspard Dodo from Benin and working on research project in Sierra Leone. I've been using ODK since 2017 for multiple projects.


Hi, Im Atlin from Canada. Ive been using ODK for a couple months now to develop an digitalized field notes system for the inspectors at my workplace. ODK is a very useful tool! thanks for all the useful info available on the forms

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Well my name is Meky from Tanzania i'm graduate student in a Bachelor of business information technology,and i got introduce to ODK when i was doing an intern in (KCRI) Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute in 2018 then unfortunately i couldn't concentrate on it , but i started understanding ODK as a powerful tool of Data Collection tool, It's functionality is also so power in this year 2020
Thank you.

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I'm Idris and I based in Nigeria.
Just heard about ODK and I would love to explore more about it because it would really help me in the course of my job.

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Hello. My name is tiensinh3030. I'm 30 years old. I have just took part in NEM. The Forum is very interesting!

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Hi All
I am Thakir Najim working as software developer in UN organizations.
I used ODK since 6 months ago and its really amazing and first of all its open source (how amazing that).
I really like open source community.
wish ODK project all the best.

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Hello All
I am Aziz a software engineer starting to contribute to the ODK codebase.
My goal is to be a part of solutions to problems faced by the global community even though indirect and infinitesimal.
All the best!

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Greetings from Dana!

I'm an American, currently based in the UK where I studied and met my husband.

I help teams across countries to design, implement, and analyse face-to-face household surveys. I specialise in survey support to countries with severely outdated or inaccurate census data (censuses are typically used to select representative samples of households for surveys). I tend to use gridded population datasets such as WorldPop instead.

I developed the workflow and interface for GridSample .org which enables non-technical survey experts to select gridded population surveys in low- and intermittant-bandwidth settings. I also provided input into revisions to Campaigns.hotosm .org in 2019. Many of the surveys I support use OMK and ODK to navigate to survey clusters, perform household listings, and collect data.

I am deeply committed to interdisciplinary cross-cultural collaborations, and have been a contributor to the Integrated Deprived Area Mapping System (IdeaMaps) Network. The IdeaMaps Network aims to integrated existing (largely siloed) communities of "slum" mappers to be able to produce routine, accurate maps of deprived urban areas at scale. If you're interested, you can read more about our approach and methods elsewhere.

I enjoy singing songs and strumming my ukulele outside of work.

Best, Dana


Hi folks!

I'm Daniel from Córdoba, Argentina; I work for Development Gateway organization as technical consultant (I develop backend sw in Java) and we started using ODK/Enketo to create surveys for a project in Africa.
I like chess, watch soccer (here Im fan of Talleres) and spend time with my daughter, Julia.
I left my github account here:

Daniel Oliva Bianco


Hi all!

My name is Catlan. I am a grad student, doing research in Africa. I have never set up ODK before, but have used Survey CTO. I'm here for help is setting up this server!

Thanks in advance,

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Cornelius from Ghana a Public Health practitioner. I got involved in the use of odk in data collection at work, and I developed interest in getting know more about it
I like to spend time visiting fun places, and play fifa
You can find me @mwinnongme on
Best wishes

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Hi, I am Jarek and I'm a Czechia based developer currently dealing with problems of waste disposal and monitoring of illegal dumps. I already used ODK Aggregate in a previous project a couple of years ago. Now I am switching to ODK Central, which seems to offer much more user comfort and options. There are some troubles on the way, which is the reason why I am here, but after everything is sorted out I am really looking forward to be doing some serious data collecting with this great program suite.