Introduce yourself here!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tshepo Sotiya. I'm from South Africa and I'm a programmer at a non-profit organisation. The main language that we use is R programming. We have started using ODK this year gather information about poor households in Southern Africa.


Hi Everyone,
I am Bashiru Abdulai Bangura from Sierra Leone. I am working for the Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone as Geographic Information Systems Officer.I came to now about ODK when I went for a short course in India, when we are doing open source software. It is a very data collection tool.


Hi there!
i'm hussain, a mobile developer for android from Nigeria, i'm looking for to using the ODK and meeting new amazing people on here


Hello everyone, My name is Karan Vishwakarma and I am pursuing Bachelors in Information Technology at IET Indore.

I got involved with ODK community while developing my Android application and collecting and managing data with ODK Aggregate. I have developed an Android application named ‘KeyNote’ (available on PlayStore) which helps the users to manage data in the form of notes. It also keeps the users information safe.

I designed my portfolio (attach link if possible) website using tools like HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XAMPP, Google Web Toolkit and PHP and hosted the website on web host by managing files through FileZilla.
You can follow up with me on my GitHub account

Apart from technical projects, I have played Badminton as a sport for nearly 11 years and represented Jabalpur district in India at State and National level tournaments. This sport has taught me patience and discipline to enhance my ability to work efficiently and think clearly under pressure.
Playing guitar is one of my favorite recreational activities after a hard working day.
It was two years ago when I started learning the instrument online and was intrigued immensely. Without determination and patience, I would not have continued this hobby until now. It gives me a chance to increase my memory power and develop my organisation skill
as well. Overall, I believe my hobbies have helped me shape my personality in a positive direction and have given me space and freedom to be creative.


Hi ODK community:

I'm a wildlife biologist in Alberta, Canada, and I am completely new to ODK, having just discovered it this week. As part of my work, I conduct a number of different types of wildlife surveys, such as point counts for birds, where I visit several points within a site and document the species I observe at each point and other information. Data collection is done by pencil and paper, and the datasheets are then taken back to the office where they are entered into an excel spreadsheet. This process is painfully inefficient. I have been looking for a way to collect field data digitally, but without the technical expertise, I haven't been able to come up with an efficient solution yet. I'm trying to learn as much as I can here so I can hopefully make the ideal tools for my needs.


Welcome to ODK, and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! If you take a look back through the forum you'll find others that are or looking at using ODK for wildlife surveys: eg turtles (Enable Case Management/Preloading - #13 by Florian_May), bats (Introduce yourself here! - #512 by Wildscapes), fisheries (Introduce yourself here! - #423 by Senthilkumar_Thangav), etc. They may be a good source of inspiration, so please reach out to our community and maybe you'll find some other ODK 'birds-of-a-feather' [excuse the pun :wink: ]


Hi! I'm based out of India and I have been using ODK off and on since 2015 after a senior statistician introduced it to me. I have been using it mostly for quantitative surveys for agriculture and now more recently for a project around camps to enhance awareness on basic social security schemes. Looking forward to understanding how I can use ODK much more for more efficient data collection and monitoring purposes.. Cheers!


Hello everyone, I'm Jose Pacheco based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and have been using ODK as a volunteer of Brazilian Red Cross. ODK has been an important tool that help us to support low income families and emergency situations.
Looking forward to share ODK tips and dig for answers for our doubts.

Best regards.


Hello, I am Marcelo Paez from Miami, FL. Came across this site while researching QR codes for a project I am working on and need a solution. After I familiarize myself with the site I will post my question, I am sure I will get answers.

Regards to all


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Hello I am Prasanna Sundaram from India, can be called as PS, unless being called as Data-man, which clearly doesnt work here in a Data Community :).

I am working to being data semblance and data practices in public schooling system in India by finding ways of integrating data related interventions - Tech, Training, Implementation, Awareness, whatever works by context, in these spaces.


Hi, I'm Lorenzo Stucchi from Italy, currently I study environmental engineering, and I would like to use odk to create form to estimate the pollution and other environmental elements in my municipality.

Best Regards,

hello everyone,

i'm abhishek guleri from India pursuing dual degree in CSE from NIT Hamirpur.
i'm a person who want to change the world and make it a safer place for the next generation...

can somebody please tell me how to start contributing or the steps ?


Hi everyone I am Moses, from Nigeria, a tech enthusiast. Been playing around with ODK for say three years, though still use an old version...
Nice to meet everyone.


Hello, I am Harsh from India. I love contributing to open source community. I belief ODK is one of the platforms where I would definitely contribute.


Hi all!
I'm Chris Davies from SA, currently working in NZ. I first started using ODK around 2011 for my MSc data collection in ecology, and have been using it off and on since then for various academic, personal, and professional projects. While I'm certainly no coder, I'm trying to learn what I can and the ODK community seems a great place to get some relevant experience.


You've definitely come to the right place! :wink:

[FYI, for the benefit of our Northern Hemisphere readers, "SA" stands for "Somewhere (nondescript) in Australia"... :grin: [actually, its "South Australia", one of Australia's states]


That's good to hear! I must admit, I've been bit of a lurker for a while now but my use of ODK and my interest in how it works has been increasing so I think its time I actually came out of the shadows...

I'm afraid in this case the SA stands for South Africa :sweat_smile: I forgot about the South Australia usage...


Hi all,

New to ODK and the Community, but from reading posts over the last couple of weeks I'm really impressed by the wealth of information here and how helpful everyone is, quite encouraging.

I'm based in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar and working for a small charity here, SEED Madagascar. We have a whole bunch of existing ODK Collect/Aggregate projects, collecting data from households, fishers, community agents etc, set up by various specialists over the last few years.

I'm currently engaged in a slightly more ambitious ODK project involving ODK 2 or ODK-X, which will use custom UI and multi-lingual translations over the top of ODK Tables. Quite a lot to learn but the docs have been great, and happily my background in web/software development in the past is rather relevant.

You can follow me via my blog at, or @danielgwood on various platforms.



My bad. But hopefully you’ll excuse my error - ‘round these parts “SA” typically refers to our cousins across the Tasman. :slightly_smiling_face: Either way, yer now in the right place, both wrt ODK Forum, and NZ... :grin: