Introduce yourself here!

Hi, my name is Emma. I'm using ODK Collect in the context of agroforestery project all around the world.
Thanks to the community for all the answers!



Hello everyone:

My name is Mauricio Arciniegas, I like running and cycling.

I am a medical physicist living in Bogotá D.C., Colombia. I got involved some time ago with ODK looking for tools that would allow me to collect, preserve and make available for analysis my data in the area of radiation protection in a reliable way. I am currently developing projects focused on improving workflows in this area through ODK.

I have been impressed by ODK's progress over time. I thank the core team for the development of such an extraordinary tool and the community for their support in troubleshooting.


Hello everyone. I'm Daniel Ndung'u ODK trainer based in Nairobi Kenya. I work in Upskill Development Institute and we offer Mobile Data Collection Using ODK Courses. If you have always wanted to learn how to collect, manage community project data using mobile devices ODK is the way to go.


I am Satinder from India, I am using ODK since one month. I am learning and developing the xlsform based on my requirement.
thank you!


Hello Everyone,

I am Carol from Kenya.

Currently a data analyst for a firm striving to ensure garment sector (and other supply chain sectors) transparency by collecting data from garment workers in different countries using ODK forms.

Looking to collaborate and find solutions to ensure efficiency.

I love cooking and a good book is capable of keeping me up all night reading!


Hello everyone! I am Francisco, based in the UK. I work in research at a University on topics related to mental health and violence prevention, the current project I am part of has been using ODK for some time before I joined. Outside of ODK and research, I love movies! and a fun fact about me is I used to be a league of legends professional player (very different from research)


Hello Everyone
I am Dr Vivek Gupta. I am from New Delhi India, a medical doctor and public health professonal. I have been a keen followed of ODK since last 13 years and have used Aggregate servers and now use the ODK central server for our large scale projcets data collection. Safe to say I am an IT enthusiast , with limited programming skills but am great at tinkering with tools !
I am in academia and am a Additional Professor of Community Ophthalmology at AIIMS, New Delhi. We have used / are using ODK for Rapid Assessment of Visual Impairment surveys, Corneal Opacity surveys and for disability surveys apart from patient consenting and obtaining clinical photos.
Glad to be here


Hi ODK Community!

My name is Rita. I have been programming in SurveyCTO for 7 years now but have never used ODK before. A project I am going to support wants to use ODK so I am taking this opportunity to learn how ODK is different from SurveyCTO.

I am trying to install a Central Server using DigitalOcean and running into an issue. I have read through what seems like relevant posts but am still stuck. Honestly, I am a total newbie to server configuration stuff.

Anyhow, I will try to post my question in a more relevant location. For now, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Thanks!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Jon. I'm a Sr. Software Developer at Food for the Hungry, a humanitarian aid and relief organization that works in about 13 countries around the world in the hardest to reach areas. I don't know much about ODK, but our field staff use it to collect monitoring and evaluation data so that we can have an end-to-end understanding of our global impact. I maintain an ODK Central virtual machine for those staff, and we are planning an upgrade. The previous maintainer moved on from our company, so I'm new to this software.

I appreciate this community and look forward to talking with you all.


Hi! as promised here is my official presentation. My name is Sylvie and I'm a GIS engineer in INRAE French research institute. I have worked in Dynafor unit for 20 years (wow this time flies too fast :laughing:). And I and some other Inrae colleagues have been trained during 2 days at the end of April2022 on ODK by the famous and talented @mathieubossaert from CEN Occitanie.

Dynafor is an interdisciplinary research unit, based in Toulouse south of France whose objective is to generate knowledge on the representations, ecological functioning, management and governance of agri-forestry landscapes in order to contribute to the implementation of sustainable agroecological and silvo-ecological practices.

My job is design and construction of the geographic information system (GIS) from A to Z: from the definition of the need, through the collection of data (often with a spatial reference) to their processing and spatial analysis until publication/valorization. My tools ArcGis/Qgis; PostGreSQL/PostGis; RStudio; OTB; Envi; Gitlab, NextCloud, ArcGis Online/Survey123/QField/ODK; Microsoft Office.
For data collection, I can use now ODK with cartographic widjets.

Outside of data collection, I'm a very typical French person -- I like people and good food, walking in the deep countryside or green or snowy mountains and taking care of my family with good French dishes. See you soon :hugs:


Hello, I am Zeineb Khelifi and i live in Tunisia :tunisia:
I am a nurse anesthetist and i have a master degree in integrated management .
I want to become a health consultant one day.
During my internship in quality management departement in private company , I realized that true quality can only be achieved by collecting data and facilitating its collection, as one of the seven principles of quality according to ISO 9001 is evidence-based decision-making.
Then I wanted to know how the World Health Organization collects data to make quick decisions in case of emergency.
I started attending many courses through openwho
and i got to know many WHO experts through online courses and LinkedIn where i saw the public launch of who's Gis centre for health and i decided to join the meeting of experts online .
Today I am happy because I got to know ODK community.

My linkedin :
I like travelling and my own fun fact is that My boss always calls me Cartesian, not my name


Hi all,

I am Nukloc. I am new for odk and started to use for data collection for couple of years now. We use odk mostly for remote data collection on health of rural population.

It has been a great journey and look more forward to learn about it!!



Hello, I am Tobias, a geographer and environmental data scientist, working in a consulting company in British Columbia, Canada. I'm mostly dealing with data around water resources and recently started to work with my colleagues to use ODK Central for our field assessments.
I'm a big fan of using open source software and hope to contribute a little bit to some projects in the future!


Hello everyone!
I’m Dominika and I’m based in Poland. I’m glad that I have just joined ODK Collect as a Junior Tester.


Hi Everyone. My name is Michael based in Nairobi, Kenya. We have adopted ODK as our go-tool in helping our clients in designing and implementing data gathering platforms.

Happy to be here to learn and share our collective experience.



Hello, I am Yogita. I am a Masters student in Ecology, studying my course in czech republic. I am using odk for recording some ecological data, Previously, I have used it for social surveys and that is when I found this very useful, especially because it lifts of my burden of manual data entry post survey. This is the first time I am designing my own survey and I managed to find workarounds using comments from this forum. I look forward to engage with the entire community here.


Hi everyone,

My name is Bana, I am a research coordinator based in Montreal, Canada. I'm new to ODK but have been really enjoying the process of learning it, building our research survey and seeing it "come to life" on the tablets!

I'm not on any of the other platforms, when I'm not on the computer, I'm usually out in the wilderness :slight_smile:



Bonjour chers,

Je suis Ismaila Diallo du Mali, Database dans une organisation humanitaire au Mali, Afrique. Sociologue de formation, je me converti dans l'analyse de données depuis quelques mois.
Merci à tous, merci à @Mathieu Bossaert.
Je suis dans un processus d'apprentissage des outils surtout des outils de collecte dont le codage de formulaires xlsform.


Hi Everyone, my name is Aklan and I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I am using ODK collect in commodities and carbon project in Asia.

I am really grateful to join this community

Thank you!


Hola a todos, espero se encuentren bien, mi nombre es Felipe Martínez resido en Colombia y trabajo en SURCAR , una empresa con la que realizamos acciones de salud pública para entidades del estado y estoy interesado en ODK por qué en algunos proyectos requerimos la recolección de datos en territorio para un análisis posterior. Veo a ODK como una gran herramienta para estás tareas de recolección de datos en lugares sin conectividad, he estado diseñando y colocando en marcha algunos formularios a manera de prueba y quiero estudiar y aprender todas las posibilidades para hacer de una mejor manera.

Actualmente vamos en la empresa a iniciar una encuesta de monitoreo de coberturas de vacunación y quiero hacer la recolección de datos con esta herramienta.

Agradezco el poder unirme a esta comunidad, estaré compartiendo mi experiencia, avances y dudas más adelante..