Introduce yourself here!

Bonjour, nous sommes le Centre de Recherche Médical de Lambaréné, sis au sein de l'hôpital Albert SCHWEITZER. Nous utilisons ODK pour la collecte des données sanitaires dans le cadre de nos recherches ou dans le cadre des études de nos stagiaires.


Hi all,

I'm Franziska from Berlin/Germany. I work there as a researcher in a community health center.
I first used ODK for a neighbourhood survey, where some interviewers visited households and collected data using a tablet. Now we use the forms for documentation, e.g. for social or psychological or health counselling.

You can learn more about the community health center here (english translation will come in fall)


Hola gente.....!!!!

Un gusto ingresar a esta comunidad tan interesante.

Conocí ODK cuando en mi trabajo necesitábamos una app que nos permitiera personaliza la recolección de información sobre el arbolado público (geoposicionamiento, fotos, altura, estado de salud, etc.) y que luego nos permitiera unificar lo que ingresaba cada uno de los 10 censista y compartirlo en un servicio de almacenamiento en la nube.

Lo que encontramos fue tan adaptable e interesante, que seguimos usando esta app con varios trabajos más.

Por ahora, estoy en etapa de aprendizaje, así es que pediré más de lo que ofreceré. Espero que mis conocimientos sobre ODK avancen y algún día colaboren con la comunidad.

Muchas gracias....!!!.-



I am Sam Glasby from Boise, ID, USA.

I am with MyHomes Community Living,
a nonprofit which aids independent living, via providing documentation support for healthcare / support workers of diverse kinds.

We have made use of a variety of other systems, including form-builders and web-survey platforms. Each focuses on different aspects (usually upon UI), and these largely lacked much attention to the data infrastructure.

So, finding ODK was a very welcome thing, as the general structure is much more in line with what we are trying to accomplish! We are investigating what will be needed to move our efforts entirely to ODK, and to find out how best to use the system -- and where our needs will require something extra.

  • I am specifically interested in talking in-depth with people experienced in getting the most out of ODK. Possibly, to conference and go over specific questions.

  • I am also specifically interested in hearing from anyone with experience in extending the ODK system, as we anticipate needing to customize things towards our needs. We are budgeting for some initial consultation as we refine our plan, and later to assemble a development team, depending on the size and scope of changes.

In particular, there are some front-end / UI aspects which we anticipate will need customization. (Though it is possible that some might imply changes in other layers.) For example,

  • Ability to indicate (presumably in XLSForm) that a text field should offer an appearance for multi-line text. (I am given to understand that some ODK-baesd 3rd-party commercial systems have implemented such, but this is not in the core?)

  • Ability to have somewhat more control over presentation (in Collect or Enketo or the like), such as displaying 2, 3, or 4 elements in one horizontal row. (I am given to understand that a "grid" type display can be achieved for some field types, which is also of interest.)

  • Ability to specify a widget combining certain aspects possible currently with (integer) and (range):

    • allows direct entry of a numeric value +
    • has min/max values with validation message +
    • has UI for "increment" and "decrement", such as +/- buttons.
      (Alas, "integer" lacks some of these, while "range" only has an appearance for various sliders, and neither of these offers increment/decrement.)
  • (Presumably back-end) Ability to do bulk data import, from a CSV or the like. (I am given to understand that the previous components "Aggregate" + "Briefcase" offered this, but the current components do not?)

...and my notes continue, but this is already beyond "brief".

Excited to be here!


Hi everyone,
I'm Cédric from Southern France, in the Pyrénées. I work for an association wich collects datas from nature (fauna/flora) observations including with ODK.
I am grateful to join this community.


Hi everyone

I am Rahul Sharma. I working in with Research organisation.

I just start working in ODK software.

Please tell me more about the ODK software. How to prepare program and logical check in ODK.

Looking for forward for your support and guidance in ODK.

Thanks & regards,

Rahul Sharma


Hello everyone,

My name is Samwel from Tanzania. I am working at Ifakara Health Institute as a Data officer for the Tools for Integrated management of childhood illness (TIMCI) project in Tanzania. I joined the ODK forum back in 2020 when I was a undergraduate student starting out with ODK. I have never really been active to the community, hope from today onward I will be able to share and learn greatly from you all. I have somewhat good experience with ODK, used it in various projects at IHI. Currently working on the TIMCI project with @Thalie I have had the opportunity to learn a diverse functionalities from the ODK central and how it can be tailored for large scale intervention trials. I look forward to contributing to the betterment of the community.

kudos to the ODK team and everyone