Invalid array length

loading errors for:

Looks like the link is expired. Can you please go to Central and try clicking edit for the same Submission. The errors of: Invalid array length continue to appear in the central odk cmd, here I can leave you the link of the Loading Error, they are also appearing in other projects it is possible that you can help me by finding the error and I attach the project template.

cacao_carbono.xlsx (341.5 KB)

Hi Daniel, I tried the attached Form and I was able to create a Submission and edit that in Enketo.

Looks like the problem is in some calculation in the Form definition and some submission data is causing that calculation to fail.

To find out the root cause, we would need to see the Submission data, would you be able to share submission XML here or in DM? You can view the Submission XML at

Hello, the link to one of the shipments is this:

I also share with you a link that does work correctly,