IRC seeks MEAL Directory in South Sudan

Job description

IRC is seeking a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Director for an anticipated USAID-funded Integrated Youth Support Activity (IYSA) in South Sudan. The three-year IYSA will implement a Youth Corps model and support South Sudanese communities to develop, promote and strengthen the skills and assets of youth, and to create an enabling environment for the youth to be productive and positively contribute to their communities. IYSA will support and empower at-risk and out-of-school youth to gain the necessary skills they need to lead productive lives, gain employment, and positively contribute to their communities by 1) Increasing access to functional literacy, numeracy, soft skills, and life skills programs for at-risk and out of school youth, 2) Expanding entrepreneurial, employment and vocational opportunities for youth; 3) Empowering adolescent and youth to make informed reproductive health decisions; 4) Improving conflict resolution skills and engagement needed to enable youth to peacefully pursue livelihood opportunities.

Connection to ODK

Requirements: ยท Utilize statistical software systems such as SPSS or STATA. Ability to use and mainstream ODK based mobile data collection software, such as Kobo Collect and CommCare.

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