Is Aggregate 1.7.1 for ODK-X long term supported?

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My system is running Aggregate 1.4.13, ODK Table rev206. I am considering upgrading to aggregate 1.7.1. Could you please answer:

  • ODK Table rev206 is not compatible with 1.7.1. I had to install ODK Table rev216 (called ODK-X Tables) and it worked. Do I have to use ODK-X Tables to sync with Aggregate 1.7.1? or is there other ODK-Tables version (not -X version) compatible with Aggregate 1.7.1? I ask this because ODK-Tables supports email authentication which is no longer supported on ODK-X Tables. Without email authentication, it will bring some burden on account management.
  • Is Aggregate 1.7.1 long term supported? I am considering benefits and risks of ODK Aggregate 1.7.1 and ODK-X Sync Endpoint upgrade.

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Aggregate 1.4.13, ODK Table rev206
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ODK and ODK-X now have separate websites and forums as noted in Community Update - 2020-05-07

ODK tables is part of the ODK-X suite of tools so you'll want to ask your question over at

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Hi @danbjoseph,
It's a bit confused to me. My system is running ODK tables with ODK Aggregate 1.4.13 and it has been working quite well. Why can ODK Tables be a part of ODK-X?

Sorry for confusion as my question is not related to ODK-X. It is about: which version of ODK Tables is compatible with ODK Aggregate 1.7.1? will Aggregate 1.7.1 be long term supported?

Some earlier versions of Aggregate included a partial implementation of the ODK-X sync protocol, but that has been removed in new versions. There are plans to release critical bug fixes for Aggregate v1.7.x but not other support.

Tables is part of ODK-X. More details in the documentation at and For questions on compatibility between Tables and Aggregate I think you'll need to check those docs or ask on the ODK-X forum. The documentation notes:

The ODK-X REST Protocol is compatible with ODK Aggregate v1.4.15.

It also notes:

However, this approach is no longer supported, please migrate to ODK-X Sync Endpoint.

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