Is it possible to save the offline map not only in the android phone but also in the Server?

What high-level problem are you trying to solve?
I am developing the ODK app that everybody can also use without internet but I need to upload the specific part of the map. Not everyone can however always upload the map on their phones and I would like to load the map in the server just like Geojson option
Any ideas on how ODK could help you solve it?
Maybe with select_one_from_file map.geojson ?
Upload any helpful links, sketches, and videos.

Ok, that also sounds good. Could you please tell me how you do that? Is there any example xls file or documentation?

Have you been able to address your need? What kind of map data do you need devices to have? If simple points, lines and shapes with minimal styling will work, then I agree that select_one_from_file map.geojson is the way to go. You can find documentation for it here.

If you need offline maps with more complex styling, it would be helpful to know more about your need. What's your ideal format to use? How big are the files?

We are actively working on a way to load local mbtiles in an easier way. Those mbtiles could be hosted on a server but would not be on the Central form server.