Is possible to share QR code but it is lock until device or collector identity is confirmed?

We normally share QR code to share settings with data collectors in the field. However, some people are troubled that anyone with the QR code can send data and get projects settings information. Is there any way that we can check collector identity before allowing to submit data? One possible alternative could be that we share QR for specific user with no access to forms and until identity is confirmed, we open access. However, with this will have to create a QR code for each user (not for group of collector as we are currently doing). The other thing is that if someone else is sending data we could no detected until we check metadata details.

Do you have any idea how could we approach this concern using collect, central or settings in the form? Thank you,

Hi @Inti_Luna

One thing that comes to my mind would be to add a text question in a form that would serve as a password. If it's incorrect a form could not be finalized and sent (you can achieve that using constraints). Of course, you would need to share that password with every enumerator so it's not a perfect solution but it potentially could make the process a little bit safer.

Thank you Grzesiek2010! I thought about it, actually we use several questions but is the same, is not perfect and you need to share answers with enumerators.
Thanks again!