Is that possible to use choice_filter (cascading select) with different csv media files?

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to make a cascading select between observer and the company they working in.
i want to have the possibility to select first the company (one or more) then one or more observer that work in the selected company. The issue is that the company list is in a csv file place in the media folder as well as the observer list but in a different csv file (in the same media folder).

when i try with choice_filter, it doesn't work : in ODKCollect i'm able to select observer that normaly would not appear because they don't work in the company i had preselected (basicaly, the filter do not work and all the observer are selectable)

i believe that it is possible to use the 'maches' with search function in the column appearance, but i want to kown if it is possible with the choice_filter option.

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ODK Collect v1.21.1

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?

4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

try with my files

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this is my xls file : []

and my media folder (csv):

Thanks in advance for your time

Hi @Jeanb,

With choice filter, you need to program the choices sheet in a different way.

See the example in here

Thanks for your help, I try with the external select, but didn't manage to achieve what i wanted to do. It's seems like the select_multiple_external does not exist (i needed to be able to pick more than one observer) so i try with select _one_external but after in ODKCollect i wasn't able to select any observer at all.

Can you (or someon else) please try with my exemple and my files to show me how to do it, if that's possible ?

thanks in advance


i finaly try with the matches fonction in appearance : "minimal search('exo2observateur','matches','structure_key',${choix_structure})" but in ODKCollecet it give me this error message :

can someone explain me how to fix it ?

thanks in advance