Is there a function in xlsform to know if the form is used in the browser or in android app

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
Is there a function I can use in xlsform to know if a form is opened in a browser (via Enketo) or is opened in an android app? I will use the result in a relevant to hide some questions.

I posted and was helped by the community regarding my problem of an easier way to select an item from a list of more than a thousand choices. Obviously the form in this post was opened in ODK Collect.

If this form was opened in Enketo, i do not need to do the above and I will hide this repeat group using a relevant based on the results of the function I am looking for. In Enketo, I will another method to display the long list and just take advantage of built-in autocomplete.

Thanks again.

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There is no such function that am aware of.

Not sure but can you try to explore the deviceid, one of the meta question.


I think I can use this. I inputted test data in both enketo and odk collect. Then I downloaded the data. Under the column deviceid i have the following values:

The first value was acquired when I used enketo.
The second value was acquired by using the android app.
As long as the form is used in these 2 environments exclusively, and assuming that these values are are computed in the same way, then this is very useful for me.