Is there a way to set a temporary note?

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
Hello together!
In the forms we currently use, there are various fields where the type "note" is used. According to previous entries, context-specific notes are displayed for the user. Partly as a warning or also as a "stop sign" (required "yes"), so that a change must first be made before the message will not appear and the user can continue (similar to the constraints).
But: The notes are saved as a separate column in the form, even if no "name" is given. However, this is not necessary and ultimately inflates the form.
Is there a way to use the type "note" only as a temporary one? So that the user sees the message, but it is not saved as a column in the form? Or is there another workaround that makes this possible? Both hint and constraint are not flexible enough for our needs.


In a straightforward way, the feature you are looking for is not available on ODK. However, there might be some workaround, and someone from this group may help you with that.


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