Is there a way to view sent forms in Enketo (like in ODK Collect)

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
View sent forms in Enketo (data collector)

We are running ODK Central and we use both Collect and Enketo in collecting data.

Thanks in advance.

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Enketo does not currently keep copies of sent form instances locally.

We have discussed adding the ability for data collectors to view their own submissions through Central. Would that address your need? I'd be interested in learning a bit more about what those needs are if you don't mind sharing.


Hi Hélène!

Thank you for responding. Yes, that will definitely address our requirement - a way for data collectors to track the progress of their own data collection (individually) - and hopefully with an option for the administrator to disable/enable edit/review functions for the specific user.
At the minimum, just a way for the data collectors to see the list of their successfully sent forms to the server, showing a few fields (that will be set by the administrator or project manager) that will help the data collector identify the record/form submitted.
Currently, Enketo only shows the list of saved forms on the side panel. When they are successfully submitted, the list goes away. The export function is not convenient for personnel doing field work because the export outputs a zip file.

Thanks so much!

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In relation to giving data collectors access to Central, please also consider providing limited access only. Probably just view access only or they can only edit if the submission is tagged by a supervisor as one for editing or call back.

Thank you.

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