Issue installing odk central

Dear Support,

We are facing issue installing Odk central on our ubuntu20 server with the given link: .
Once we have tried to install odk under /data/ directory the application is not working, seems like getting some docker issue.
Now we have installed odk central /root/ directory then application is working fine .

Could you please let us know its compulsory to install Odk central only /root.

Thanks in advance.

You don't have to install in /root, but you do have to make sure the installing user account has the necessary permissions to install wherever you choose.

You'll have problems installing in /data/ because Central uses /data/transfer to move files between the container and the host..

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Thanks master for your response.
How can we remove the odk central completely including docker? As we want to install it under /data/central directory not under /root/.

Note: we are using EC2 instance and we installed docker and compare separately.


To uninstall Docker entirely, see

We do not recommend you install Central in /data/. Technically it is possible if you remap the '/data/transfer` folder mentioned above, but that's a deviation we have not tested.

And to be explicit, if you can't solve these kinds of issues on your own, self-hosting Central for a real project is not a good idea.

Thanks Master. Do you have any suggestion to host Central ?

I will say that AWS is one of the best options for the self-hosted ODK Central. But you should have some technical understanding of the linux.

Hello @iamnarendrasingh thanks for your suggestions. :+1: .