Issue regarding Meta Start-time and Time stamped through acknowledged during Interview

1. We have noticed many cases where the start-time captured under metadata is not matching with the time-stamped acknowledged by investigators. The difference in time between 2 interviews seems very less in the many cases. We are answerless in this situation. We are attaching herewith the few cases to seek your guidance and support so we can give proper reason to the client.

2. We are seeking your kind support regarding this.

*3. We discussed with the investigators and checked their devices, but we found nothing.

**4. Tool and Datafile Attached

NIPFP_Survey_Tool_Final.xlsx (528.9 KB)

Query.xlsx (190.7 KB)

Were the smartphones without internet for a long time. I have made the experience that the time no longer synchronizes with the date and time server of the device manufacturer and therefore the time of the devices can differ from the real one.

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