Issue with connection between odk collect to odk central

I have integrated a complete ODK central setup based on your documentation in my pc locally, I can able to run ODK central site , while I'm trying to connect ODK collect app to ODK central via QR vote , I couldn't connect I got a failed notification, please see the screenshot below
here are env details SSL_TYPE=selfsign

mobile: android 10 device
pc: I've used the window 10 operating system,
server: just local configured now, for development purpose

I tried rebooting my mobile, and tried the same steps,
I have disabled the firewall
I can able to see ODK central site on my mobile by entering my IP address
but I can't able to connect to central

I need some suggestion to solve this

It sounds like you might be having issues with the SSL certificate process. Other people have had challenges when running Central on a local network.

See also this related PR on Github: