Issue with randomize=true

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
Issue 1. when i applied randomize=true with or_other and validate form on "XLSForm Online v2.x" it gives Error: There should be choices for this question. options already added in choices list still getting error...

Issue 2. when i applied "randomize=true" with "or_other" enketo gives attached image error

Issue 3. when i applied "randomize=true" with "choice_filter" did not show option for that question in enketo, its working fine with odk collect app but issue is in enketo.

all three issues can be removed by removing randomize=true, can any body assist me on above mentioned issue.

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Can you please attach demo file(s) that replicate the issues?

Test - Issue 1.xlsx (14.2 KB)

Here is the attachment for 1st & 2nd Issue

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Right it doesn't work when used together. Using or_other is not recommended (see so you have to add your own other option in choices in this case.