Issues triage sprint for pyxform

@Ukang_a_Dickson, @LN, and I would like to set up an 90 minute block to triage pyxform issues in real time. The goals of this effort are:

  1. Close out any dead pull requests and confirm next steps on the ones that we'd like to keep
  2. Identify the must have issues for v1.0 and ensure the issues have the sufficient detail to progress
  3. Help us build momentum towards great pyxform conversations at the convening

Everyone interested in pyxform is welcome! @martijnr, @jnm, @nribeka, @Joseph_E_Flack_IV, @keynesyoudigit, it'd be really great to have you as part of this effort.

What time works best for folks?

  • Wed, Sep 18, 8 AM - 9.30 AM PDT
  • Wed, Sep 18, 11 AM - 12.30 PM PDT
  • Thu, Sep 19, 8 AM - 9.30 AM PDT
  • Fri, Sep 20, 8 AM - 9.30 AM PDT
  • Fri, Sep 20, 9.30 AM - 11 AM PDT
  • Fri, Sep 20, 11 AM - 12.30 PM PDT

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Let's aim for Friday, Sep 20th from 8-9.30 am PDT since most people will be available. We will hold the call at

If things go well, I'm expecting we'll hold another one on Wed the 25th so @martijnr can join and maybe @jnm too.


We had a great conversation today and closed out some PRs. Wanted to share the next steps (in rough order of importance) with everyone.

  1. @Ukang_a_Dickson : Identify key issues you want to discuss on next call and share those here.
  2. @LN: Continuing to work with @nribeka on data root node name PR
  3. @yanokwa: Add more detailed use-cases in warnings about complexity issue.
  4. Dickson: Make sure is up to date as far as features in pyxform
  5. Dickson: Close out pipenv PR and explain why
  6. Dickson: Follow up with peter on invalid public key PR
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We could look into the below issues that do require a bit of clarification and direction:

  1. Generate ODK XForms spec-compliant meta block
  2. Add support for translating or_other?
  3. Don't always include jr:template for repeats
  4. Add type=xml-internal and generate instance XML from choices sheet
  5. bind for select1 nodeset is "select1" and this throws an XForms syntax error
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I think those would be great to discuss, @Ukang_a_Dickson. Do you want to do another phone conversation? If so, how about suggesting some times that would work for you? I can generally be available starting at 6am GMT-7 except for Tuesdays.

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Aww. Thanks very much for putting this in action.I'm sorry I missed this. I had some urgent things to do at work recently so I wouldn't have been able to make this.

gah sorry! I clearrrly need to spend more time on the forums. Glad we did this please bug me if I can help further!

Thanks for facilitating a great session at the recent convening, @Ukang_a_Dickson! Even though it was the very last session on the very last day and we were all tired, we got a lot done. All issues have been updated accordingly.

I enjoyed both the in-person session and the call. It's energizing to collaborate in real time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: