Issues using google docs/sheets to retrieve survey data

Trying to make a survey that uses google sheets to record the entries. It is a 5 question survey with video and picture addons, pretty low tech. Following these directions;

When it is time to convert the survey I get an error;
Error: b'ODK Validate Errors:\n>> XForm is invalid. See above for the errors.\norg.javarosa.xform.parse.XFormParseException: Encountered a problem with display condition for node [${field_notes}] at line: (), Bad node: org.javarosa.xpath.parser.ast.ASTNodeAbstractExpr@2280cdac\n\nResult: Invalid'
I have used this in the past with no issues building my forms using QGISODK where it seems to make a xml survey and a google sheets file that is basically named the same as the survey xml file with a all the fields and metadata fields in it. So this is my first time trying to make a survey in this way.

Hi @Tyler_Veinot
could you attach the form for reviewing?

I solved the problem, apparently the underscore is not in the list of acceptable characters, I thought it was. Removing them in the field names solved the issue.
I also used this method
Of which I found worked a little better.