Issues with audio recording

Hi all,

I have been building a survey and wish to include an audio component. When testing it out on my android phone using ODK Collect (version 2021 .2.4), it first said there was not an app I could use. I did a quick search and then downloaded RecForge II (version, which was recommended. When I tested the survey again and got to the question about recording audio, it took me to that app and I recorded the audio. However, when I went back to ODK Collect, it crashed. Is there another app to record audio with? Or is there a fix for this crash?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry you are having problems, @ptfund!

You shouldn't have to download an external application to use audio recording. It's all built-in.

What Android device (e.g., Pixel 3a) and version of Android (e.g., 11) are you using? Can you please email your form to so we can take look?



Thank you for your response! I will send an email and include the text of my post. For reference, I'm using Android version 11.


For others who stumble on this issue, it looks like RecForge no longer works with Collect. I've removed that recommendation from the docs and added more guidance on how to use the built-in audio recorder. See for more.