JSON Export Problem ODK Aggregate 2.0.3

JSON file export problem....problem happening with big dataset, not with small one. Any suggestion or any solution.
Need urgent help.

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What are the details and specifications of your server running ODK Aggregate?

heyy @danbjoseph thank you for your reply!!!
am using ODK aggregate 2.0.3 installed on windows server 2016 standard edition, apache tomcat 9.0 and postgresql 10.8 the server is HP ML350 GEN 9
Exporting CSV file with no problems but when exporting JSON i get a Failure when generating the file, it a big data set with 25000 summations.

What do your Aggregate/Tomcat logs say? That might give you a hint. My guess is you are running out of memory allocated to Tomcat.

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Thank you @yanokwa that was exactly what's happening, i added memory for the Tomcat and the problem was fixed :slightly_smiling_face: thank you !!!

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