Jump logic programming confusion


I am coding a questionnaire in ODK. Among other jump logic questions where some other question triggers upon the selection of a particular option in any previous question, there is one question which asks to jump straight to the last question of the survey without any specific option selection (meaning, whatever you select as answer, you must jump to last question). Example: It is question number 12, and the jump logic says that for all answers to this, just GO TO QUESTION 33. Note: Question 12 actually branches off from Q11 as a selection option.

My confusion is, how to program this? I know that the RELEVANT filter works in front of any question based on any previous question choice selection. What should I put in front of questions 13 to 32 so that they don't show up for this logic? If you say that I should put RELEVANT of Q11 (which triggers Q12 actually) in front of so many questions, isn't it a bad practice to put one simple jump logic in front of a big number of questions again and again? Or maybe I am missing some small bit?


I will sometimes put the rest of the survey inside a group and then apply the relevant constraint on the group.

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