Keeping record of previously introduced IDs

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if ODK has a way to keep track of the already filled surveys you have finalized.

Let's say I have a survey ("HH_survey") and it must have unique HH IDs. In order to prevent duplicates by mistakenly introducing already visited HHs, I can write a condition where ODK goes over the previously finalized "HH_survey"s and check whether the HH ID I am introducing is different from the HH IDs I have already filled a survey for.

I have not seen anything like this, but perhaps some of you have already faced the same need and knows a way to do it.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Francisco_Carballo

unfortunately it's not possible. If you need a unique value for your form you can use once(uuid())
sample form: uniqueId.xlsx (5.2 KB)

Hello @Grzesiek2010,

Thanks for your answer. We have the HH ID predetermined, so creating a Unique Form ID would not help identifying that HH later if the fieldteam introduced a wrong HH_id.

I guess we just have to investigate after the fieldwork where and why these mistakes happened.