Keypad format - letters and numbers

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I am trying to find out if it is possible to fix the keypad display to numbers and letters. I know if I change the type from numeric to text the keypad changes, but I am entering mixed string fields e.g. F239 so I need to enter the f and then change the keypad type each time to enter the number part. It works but it would be one less screen touch if I can display a mixed keypad by default for this question.
Hoping someone out there can advise me, regards


If only numebrs, use type=text and appearance=numbers. If mixed, then use REGEX. Find a common syntax (letters and numbers absolute position in the word), and then make a REGEX formula.


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This might perhaps be changed on device level. Here an example of a German Samsung standard keyboard (with French ODK app/form).

Thanks found the 'permanently show number bar' option within the android settings which has worked.

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