[KoBoCollect] ValueError: translation cannot be found

<I have been trying since yesterday to upload my XSLFrom file, however I have an error message. ValueError: translation cannot be found.
This is my first time that I am confronted with this type of error.
have to conduct a profiling operation from next week.
thank you for your support

Can you share XSL form ?

profilageIDP2.xlsx (56.1 KB)

Thanks Dinesh,

Please find enclosed the XSl From
thank you in advance.

Hey ericB

I had made some correction and higlighted as well in Excel. Please go through it. Your Excel form is working well. I had checked as well.

Hope this works for you.

Dinesh profilageIDP2_Dinesh.xlsx (56.4 KB)

thank you,

I just tried and it's the same problem. is this related to the update of the platform?


Ok got it .. In excel, in the settings you had used default_language en. Delete it . It works . I just checked it out .. Here is the attached file .. Its working on here in ToolboxprofilageIDP2_Dinesh.xlsx (56.3 KB)

Do let me know. If new version is working fine or not. Because I had checked in Kobotool box and Enketo. Its working fine. Its showing error message as you had default_language en. But there is no default language as English.

Dinesh profilageIDP2_Dinesh.xlsx (56.3 KB)

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