Learn Data-Driven Best Practices With Talend!

*Talend https://goo.gl/BdZ679*is the leading open source integration
software provider to data-driven enterprises. Our customers connect
anywhere, at any speed. From ground to cloud and batch to streaming, data
or application integration


Talend’s https://goo.gl/BdZ679unified platform architecture meets all of
our needs with regards to data integration and data governance. We looked
at functionality, ease of use, and scalability. Talend has everything we
need today to meet our marketing requirements and what we will need in the


  • Explain what is Talend, Talend Open Studio and its usefulness
  • Create a new job and understand Data Integration and concept of
  • Define how to aggregate data and T Map and its properties
  • Learn to use forma data functions, XML file in Talend and
    import/create metadata
  • Deep dive into BIG Data, Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS
  • Implement real-time Use Cases of Talend
  • Work on exercises related to advanced Big Data concepts like Hive,
    Pig, Oozie, Flume and Yarn
  • Work on project-Importing Mysql Data using Sqoop and Querying it using
  • Define ETL methods and ETL tools to connect with Hadoop
  • Understand difference between Pig and Hive
  • Know about ETL components

Start learning Talend https://goo.gl/BdZ679from basics to advance levels

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