Length Units display and convert at entry

  1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
    The end user wants to collect a distance and wants to give both miles and km options. I understand the option to present a integer or decimal field followed by a choice between Miles/Kilometers. However, this presents a data analysis problem -- 2 fields are needed to compare records.

Does a widget exist that displays both miles and kms, and allows the user to enter a numeric value next to their preferred unit, and the other field calculates/displays the equivalent? Ideally the value could be added to either field.

What have others done in similar situations? I thought about presenting both miles and kilometers, and adding a field with some calculation stuff that either copies the km value, or converts the miles value. That way, the analyst can go to 1 place for comparison.

Thanks for the help. I look here often and ask only occasionally.

I would do exactly like your suggestion. You can have 1 numeric field, ask the unit of distance, and then use an if() function to convert the number if needed.
distance_accepts_2_units.xlsx (9.9 KB)

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Thank you DanBJoseph. Simple and straightforward. !