Limit number of repeats


I encounter another issue is we want to limited some "group" of question to say 3 to 5 times of repeat and can I display the report count in the survey form?

I can see if have a small grey repeat count, but I cannot control the font size to make it bigger. Can it show in "question" area?

thanks again and appreciate your help!

Unfortunately I think it's not possible

What I've done to limit the number of repeats entered is to include a note after the repeat that shows the total repeat count entered and has a constraint to prevent the enumerator from completing or sending a form that doesn't have the desired number of repeats. shows an example.

Notice that I gave the note question a default value. This is because constraints are not evaluated on questions that don't have a value. Setting a default forces evaluation. You could include the second line of your message there so there isn't a weird 0.

Another approach just occurred to me. If the enumerator knows ahead of time how many repeats they will need you can have an integer question that asks for the count, put a constraint on that and then use the value in the repeat_count column.

Grzegorz and LN,

Appreciate your help!
I though LN's suggestion is good and you given a great example that I can evaluate more!!!

I am encountered another questions which I will open a new post regarding "random" questions.

Thank you very much!

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Hello @LN,
sorry, for jumping in late.
I think, another option for your example would be to set required to true for the note. You could remove constraint and default then.

Also, we like to use acknowledge type (with required = yes) for those situations, but this would need your constraint (should even work without default?).
But unfortunately the standard title for acknowledge is bad for me. It should be just "Ok', like in Enketo (preview). Or even better allow to change it, for example via parameter.

Any further hints from your side would be welcome.
Kind regards