Limiting choices to non repeated

Hi, I am trying to create a table whereby the participants can rank the choices from 1 to 6 (as shown in my screenshot below). However, I want to restrict the choices such that each integer (1 to 6) can only be chosen once. Is that possible and what do I put under the constraint column? Thank you.

To add on, the question type can also be text box format where participants key in 1 to 6 for the 6 boxes (see screenshot). Similarly, is there a way to restrict the entries such that each integer (1 to 6) can only be entered once for all the 6 boxes?

Can you please share the XLSForm file for the first version shown above?

Here it is.

ODK excel form_example1.xlsx (12.5 KB)

Did you consider using the rank widget?

Here's an example using constraints: constraints example.xlsx (12.6 KB)


Thank you Danbjoseph, this works perfect! We did try to use the rank widget initially but a lot of our LMIC partners feedback that there is a technical error for certain brand/model of mobile devices for this feature. They are not able to drag and drop to re-arrange. This affected our initial batch of results. So this is an alternative to overcome that. Maybe ODK team can look into this.


What device were your enumerators using? And what version of Collect?

I do not know the exact model of the devices and the version of Collect they were using as there are about 20+ enumerators, but our partners did mention it is a problem with the android devices. It is also occurring with the web links that participants access.

I can confirm that this rank example.xlsx works with the latest versions of Collect (v2022.4.2, Pixel 3a, Android 12) and Central (v2022.3.1, Chrome v108). See the screenshots below.

If you can find out what devices and versions your enumerators are using, that would be very helpful in tracking down the issue. If we can't reproduce it, we can't fix it.

Web form

Mobile form

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