Limiting Video File Size?

Hey all! New to the forums, and quite new to ODK. I am developing a worksheet that my ground transportation companies chauffeurs will use to start and end their days. They will inspect their vehicle both pre-trip and post-trip. One of the issues I am running into is, surprise, not all of my chauffeurs are particularly great with the camera. There have been several submissions that could not go through as the file size was too big? The videos seem to throw this error whenever the video is 20+ seconds. We really only need 15 seconds, a full 360 of the cars exterior. Any suggestions?

I am also wondering if there is anyway to go about extending the allowed file size that can be uploaded via the user on a mobile device to the aggregate?

Hi @alillie! Welcome to the ODK forums. Please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

There currently isn't a way to limit file size on the mobile side. What version of ODK Aggregate are you running? Is it on App Engine (has an URL) or on some other platform? Is there a specific error message when the submissions fail?

Hey Yanokwa,

Thank you for the reply! I am using v1.5.0. It is on appspot. The error I get is a 413. I am positive it is just too big of a file. Right now I am brainstorming other options but it would be very beneficial to have everything I need consolidated onto the ODK alone. I even tried making a standalone form just for the video submission but as soon as you get around 15 seconds of video, the file size is too big for an upload.

@alillie What version of ODK Collect are you using? And what is the specific error message (maybe you can attach a screenshot)? I'm asking because we need to know if it's the same error as this issue: Collect upload error: write error: ssl=0x9d03b600: I/O error during system call, broken pipe