Link calculation to other forms

Hello Yaw,

My name is Claris and I am new to this platform. (I don't have any IT or coding skills)! I've been using Kobo toolbox (form builder) to create questionnaires for my surveys.
Currently, I'm working on a community health survey that requires inventory balances to be calculated as and when medicines are dispense. I had created a questionnaire with the required inventory calculations but my problem is, I'm unable to to link the calculation to other forms. I want to see my stock level per medicine brand as and when products are dispense.

I don't know whether my question is clear enough but could you pls help out? I really don't know what to do.

Welcome to the forum, @cpratt! Since you are using Kobo, your best bet is to ask that team for help on how to do that in Kobo at

Thanks very much Yaw. what's the web address for ODK?

There is no central hosting server that the ODK project provides. Please read the docs at to get a good overview of your options.