Linking answers with next question's answer

Hello community,

I am struggling to link one question's answer with next question's answer, can anyone help please?

For example-

Q1: District

Q2: Project
A) XX (will appear if selected A and B of Q1)
B) XY (will appear if selected C of Q1)
C) XZ (will appear is selected A and C of Q1)

This seems like an unusual set of constraints/questions to me.

  • Is Q1 a select multiple?
  • Do you mean "and" or do you mean "or" in your relevance for the options in Q2?
  • Can you explain the linkage between the two questions?
  • No, Q1 is single select
  • Sorry, yes it will be or in the relevance in Q2
  • Three different projects are running in different districts

Btw, I solved it by using the contains function. contains (districtlist, ${district})