Linking more than one dynamic dataset to one form

I am using ONA to collect my data and I have two forms that I want to link them to a third one by usingthe dynamic linking feature on ona I tried it but it only worked for one form, I mean linking one form to another but not two forms to the same form.

To give you more details : I am working on a "closure form" that if I enter the ID of a person it can pull data from the registration form and fill out some field automatically and it worked but then I had to create another registration form that will be used in other location and I want the same closure form to pull the data either from the first registration form or from the second one depending on which one is has the info of the specific ID

Can anyone help

Hi @fhaddad
welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

If you are using ONA this probably is a better place to ask:!forum/ona-community

Ok thank you @Grzesiek2010