Linking ODK Aggregate to ODK Collect

Currently struggling to place my ODK form that has been uploaded to aggregate onto a ODK collect app. I am using aggregate through VM and secured it, changed passwords, etc. However, can't connect the VM to external apps, even after following these steps on never got the "Welcome to ODK ...etc" line

Would love some support to get this to happen and start using ODK and practicing it before I use it in a professional space

Thanks all in advance!

I Installed ODK aggregate in locahost, so if you use a VM is similar, if aggregate run good, maybe the problem is in the configuration of ODK Collect. Verify this points

  • Use the same net.
  • Have a correct URL in ODKCollect. For example
  • Verify the FireWall.

Hi Famador,

Thanks for getting back to me,
Sorry I am unsure about the terminology, what is the difference between localhost and VM? I see VM as an operator to run an application off, however all of the urls it produces I am unable to connect with, including the one you supplied. Aggregate was running, but no longer. Should I work off a localhost, since it works for you? When I try this, I am unsure about SQL servers, Tomcat, etc. I tried running aggregate through digital ocean but ran into the same problem, once I changed my password, the IP that was provided didn't load when I opened a new web browser

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@benmcdermott when i said local host, i refer use a computer own (maybe your computer or if you have more resources use a server), I used a computer with I5 and is ok, well depend of your demand.
Look send me a email at, i will explain with more detail you the steps to install Aggregate in a local host.
You need to download the several software: Java , Tomcat, Aggregate and if you want a database use PostgresSQL.

Hi @famador,

It is nice to see that you are willing to provide support, but the manner that you are using is not advised. Personal emails can be used to share sensitive information which can support troubleshooting. All other things should be posted here so that the whole community benefits from the answer.


Hi @benmcdermott,

It is nice to see that you getting started with ODK and practicing at the same time. I would advice you to check the docs as it is very detailed and you can find most information there. Also, this forum has a lot of resources as most questions that you may have, are already asked.

Before setting your own environment make sure you invest time in understanding the technology used. Because setting this requires a bit of technical knowledge. For practice purposes, you can use a demo server that is already available at

Again check the online documentation thoroughly.

Hi @dicksonsamwel you have the reason , is better the community benefits about that, i will write a post in a blog and share the link.

As a comment, I think that the documentation in official web side is not detailed enough for people who start on these topics, explaining a step by step would help a lot, adding images too, at least I have perceived this for the installation of ODK aggregate and ODK Central. With this I do not mean that what they share is wrong, in fact I am very happy that they develop free software tools.

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Hi all,

I totally understand the reasoning to be transparent and one of the reasons why I love this platform. Famador, thankyou for being so helpful and open to discuss further in your private time to assist me. I have moved onto a different platform, ONA, and it is working easily and really helpful.

Thankyou all for the help,

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