Linking odk aggregate with odk collect

hello i am trying to get odk collect to download forms through aggregate and am not sure which url am supposed to put in collect , i have set up aggregate server on tomcat 7 and postgresql 10 and set up the google API credentials and created a user on the site admin page
what I have tried so far is copying the address of aggregate from the browser which didn't work tried using http://my_ip_address:8080 still nothing
what am trying to archive is getting odk collect to work as the project we doing is country wide i've seen some videos and the url that was used didn't look like it was a local host that's where I want to get hopefully you understand what am saying thanks


Are you trying to access you Aggregate from LAN or outside the LAN? To access your Aggregate server from collect inside LAN, your URL should be:


. If you are trying to access that outside LAN, you need to forward your IP before you can access from outside LAN. Hope this helps.

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hey thanks for the response i tried what you suggested and got this error

***update it started working, i was using wrong ip adress :joy::joy::joy: OMG btw i have no idea how to introduce myself