Linking registration and follow-up forms

I am trying to link two forms on ODK.Is it possible at the moment?
Camera Trap Set Up link form trial.xlsx (11.5 KB)
Camera Trap Pick Up link trial.xlsx (11.8 KB)

so am collecting some data and the SD cards and Camera traps are bar coded. so i would like that when I go to pick up an SD card, I just scan the barcode and it brings up the information loaded on a different form that was filled while setting it up.
so when I scan the SD barcode in the Camera pick up form I would like to pick up the burrow ID, and the Coordinates and the Camera Trap barcode if possible from the Camera set Up form.
Is this possible?
my forms are uploaded here.

Hi @Beryl_Makori1
It is not possible to link two forms like that. The only form of cooperation between forms we support is fetching last saved values (see but it also works only between different instances of the same form (not different forms).

@Grzesiek2010 is correct that there's no explicit linking between forms. However, users often build the kind of workflow you're describing by using CSV data attachments (documentation). This works particularly well if some time passes between registration (set up in your case) and follow-up (pick up in your case) because the update is manual. That is, you will update the attachment on the follow-up form as new submissions come to the registration form (some people automate this using the API) .

The general idea is to export submissions from the registration form and attach them to the follow up form. I think that's what you're trying to do with the select_one_from_file burrows.csv in your pick up form. If you have a barcode giving you the id of your items, though, you don't need another user-visible select. You can go straight to looking up the item and referencing its properties.

You can find a sample form here and the corresponding entities.csv (107 Bytes)

The CSV has random items I had around so that I could actually scan the barcodes. You would put data from your registration form in there. The barcode column is typically called name. The other columns are up to whatever you will need to look up in the follow-up form.


Thank you, this was helpful