Linking to a static page through a button or hint


I am trying to implement an option where users can click on the hint in the middle of filling out a form and it would lead to a help page. I'm not too sure how to do that.


It cant presently be done, but you might be interested in following this existing Feature thread for adding such a function.

@Xiphware is usually correct, but he's wrong this time!

You can use the here is a url widget if you want a big prominent button. If you want an inline link, use a Markdown link.

Way cool! :slight_smile: So when did that get added? I stand rightfully corrected! :blush:

Just when you thought you knew all Collect's bells and whistles... it still continues to amaze me! :slight_smile:

The url widget as added in October 2013 and Markdown support in October 2015. Lots of bells and whistles and most of them are documented now!

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Is it possible to have this url widget with another type of question like if the question was a short response, can I still have this url widget be part of the page? Or if I had a select multiple question, can it still be part of it? The location that this form is used has no internet connection so is it possible to link to a page that doesn't need internet?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can put the URL widget wherever other widgets go (e.g., placing multiple widgets on the same screen). And you can put the Markdown links anywhere there is a label or a hint (including select multiples).

I'll address your question about offline access at Link to File in ODK Collect Form.