Link to File in ODK Collect Form

Currently, the ODK Collect app is used for clients who do not regularly have access to internet connection. So, I was wondering if it is possible to use markdown links to link to a txt file (stored in possibly the aggregate server), instead of a URL, so that this process does not require internet.

Thank you very much!

Depending on the Android OS, you might be able to have a Markdown URL like file:///sdcard/path/to/file. I say might because it's security hole and I'm betting most recent Android OSes have blocked it.

One alternative is to use a file widget and have a default value set to say ../../forms/My Form Title-media/my-media-file.txt, then, assuming that media file is included in the blank form, when that widget loads and you hit the :paperclip: icon, it'll load my-media-file.txt with whatever app on the device that loads txt files.

Try the above and if it doesn't feel like a good solution, perhaps you can tell us more about the high-level problem you are trying to solve.

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