List answer with different question type

Hi to all. I'm creating a form, where one question need an answer with 5 different materials with the weight that each one of the materials have. At the moment, the only way that I found to work well is a text question and every answer have separated by coma. But this answer it's not the best for a database, so I'm trying to define a table where the first column is a text for the name of the material and the second column is a decimal answer for the weight. Is it possible this kind of answer?

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How many different available materials do you have ?
Can't you simply have one integer question per material, all in one group ?

If you have too much materials, you can imagine a first repeat to select the materials and a second one asking for each selected material its weight.

We achieve something like that to store species abundance.
In this form you can look at groups "gp_especes" and "gp_abondance" (lines 81 to 100). The first one lists the species and the second one ask the abundance for each one.

Thanks for your answer. I already introduce myself few months ago (maybe a year). About your suggestion, the problem that I have is that the user has to mention the 5 materials that they use with higher frequency in the production of turbines (in example: steel 2 ton, cupper 1.8 ton, etc). So, every user can describe different materials.

I hope this explanation is more helpful to understand the problem

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