Listing countries, cities and towns

Hello all,
I need a support to structure my ODK xls form,
I am collecting data by countries, sub nationals and cities
I have realised my data structure doesnt help me.
I want to have country, sub national cities as column each but with what I have I have country subnational in ghana subnational, subnational in togo, subnational in etc

How do I ensure I have three columns that have my data structured Country, Subnational, City after pulling into excel

Hi @King_Wiredu

Please have a look at Cascade select and this GetODK documentation

I tried the choice filter but it doenst work for me, I have attached the xls form for your advice and supportchoice filter.xlsx (20.2 KB)


On the choices sheet, you have named the regions wrongly on the region column. The names used in this column should be the same as used in name column.



Thank you very much Sir,
It worked