Loading Error where i am trying to edit a submission on Central


Please assist I am trying to edit data on Enketo and I am getting this error:

Error occured during the loading of this form. We do not recommend you edit this record until this is resolved.

Please contact support@getodk.org with the link to this page and the error message below:

      Could not connect with Form Server
        20dcbf46703ded595b82bda713c624673a3faff9 (v2023.5.1)
        ab0c8ecbf837c7e433b20c7d7d1d2955cc8df1c6 client (v2023.5.0)
        983ec81e69793fdb589ffdc346a16ef977489be4 server (v2023.5.0)  

Do you have a stock install of Central with no changes besides what is required in the .env file. Or have you customized your Central installation in any way - any non-default configurations? What does your .env look like?