Location at the touch of a button

You can delete the location field by tapping on the form

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I don't recognize the interface in your screengrab.

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help input method, tap location, can be disabled?

If you want to collect a location, but not let the user adjust it, you can use the geopoint type question with no appearance set. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

.What is the problem you are trying to solve?
What we want to solve is that we are capturing polygons, but I was wondering if the touch button entry method could be disabled, so that the field technician could only use the manual or automatic method of location registration.

I have the opposite problem to you, and i solve it by putting a constraint on the question that checks to ensure the elevation or precision is 0.0.

You could do the same and invert the test to make sure it's not 0.0, indicating it wasn't manually entered

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Could you give me an example?

Seems like it'd be helpful for us to add a parameter or appearance to limit these options. For example, placement-map, automatic would only allow user tapping and automatic recording. Is that what you had in mind?

Here's a constraint that gets the 4th element (1st point's accuracy) of a 0-indexed space delimited array, takes the string before the ; then checks to ensure it's not 0, as manually selected points will have elevation and accuracy of 0.

substring-before(selected-at(${polygon}, 3), ';') != 0

eg ODK format polygons so the first would pass and the second would fail:
12.371400 -1.519700 305 17.4; 13.371400 -2.519700 305 17.4; 14.371400 -3.519700 305 17.4

12.371400 -1.519700 0.0 0.0; 13.371400 -2.519700 0.0 0.0; 14.371400 -3.519700 0.0 0.0

If you wanted to be very thorough in case of mixing tapping and automatic points, you could add the 2nd & 3rd points (min to have a polygon), but beyond 3 points you would have to utilise a repeat.

substring-before(selected-at(${polygon}, 3), ';') != 0 and substring-before(selected-at(${polygon}, 7), ';') != 0 and substring-before(selected-at(${polygon}, 11), ';') != 0

Edit: Catching up on posts I see that @LN has previously posted this approach and you have seen it.

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If these parameters can limit options, and it's then limited to only 'placement by tapping', would this auto start this method or only show that option in the toast? I ask as my users have asked if it's possible to auto start the placement by tapping method rather than having to select it each time.