Location of log file for Aggregate in Tomcat 8.5?

Hi Guys,

I've managed to get ODK aggregate working on the preconfigured VM, but ultimately for what I want to do I need to be able to pull data live out of the SQL database, and as far as I can see there is no way to do that running the VM (please correct me if I'm wrong).

So I've been trying to set up an installation on Microsoft SQL Server through Tomcat 8.5. I really don't have much experience with this, but our IT company won't help me with it so I have to wing it.

I've gotten the Tomcat server up and running, and I can connect to it via a browser, however it won't start the Aggregate instance and gives me this error in the tomcat8-stderr.2018-08-23.log:

23-Aug-2018 13:57:50.588 SEVERE [localhost-startStop-1] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.startInternal One or more listeners failed to start. Full details will be found in the appropriate container log file
23-Aug-2018 13:57:50.613 SEVERE [localhost-startStop-1] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.startInternal Context [/ODKAggregate] startup failed due to previous errors

I can't find the "appropriate container log file" it mentions. The only other log file in the folder with any data in it is "catalina.2018-08-23.log" which contains the same error message.

Additionally, it has another error about being unable to find the SQL JDBC driver:

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'hierarchicalRoleRelationships' defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/applicationContext-security.xml]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is org.opendatakit.common.persistence.exception.ODKDatastoreException: org.springframework.transaction.CannotCreateTransactionException: Could not open JDBC Connection for transaction; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Cannot load JDBC driver class 'com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver'

Variants upon this error are repeated multiple times.

The error log is attached.tomcat8-stderr.2018-08-23.txt (209.3 KB)

Sounds like you don't have the SQLServerDriver installed (or installed properly).

That's what I thought, but I tried reinstalling it and it didn't make any difference. When that didn't work, some googling seemed to indicate that I should copy the "sqljdbc42.jar" file to the Tomcat 8.5\lib directory, which also didn't fix the problem, and actually made it so the tomcat service refused to stop.

Ok, so I decided to give PostGreSQL a try, and what do you know, it's mostly working on the first try. I'm having the problem I had originally when I installed the VM where I can connect to the ODK Aggregate management page, but not download any forms. I fixed that by switching to port 80 instead of 8080 with the VM, but I can't do that now because I'm running this off our terminal server which has IIS running on port 80.

Do you have any idea why everything except downloading forms would work on port 8080, and going to port 80 would fix the forms?

Closing this and opening a new topic because this is a different issue.