Looking for developers : Enketo web form encryption

Dear Developers

The LSHTM Open Research Kits project provides platforms to support global health research through the implementation of technological solutions to data collection and making for epidemiological, clinical research and social sciences studies that aim to improve health worldwide.

Much of our work is based around the use of software tools that support the ODK/OpenRosa/XForms format and we have used Open Data Kit extensively in our work to date. A number of our users would like to use browser based tools for Xform submission and we have been using Enketo via Kobo Toolbox to make this possible.

When using ODK we are able to secure the sensitive healthcare data we collect using the built in encryption system described here but this feature is not available for Enketo.

We are keen to develop encryption for Enketo and are inviting developers who are familiar with the ODK/OpenRosa/Enketo ecosystem to tender bids for a contract to complete this work.

Bids can only be accepted from individuals or companies that are fully registered as businesses for tax purposes. Interested parties should send a quote for the work, along with a summary of their approach, professional CV, business name, address, contact details and registration number. Applicants should also include a brief biography outlining their relevant qualifications and experience with coding for OpenRosa/ODK/Enketo.

We anticipate that bids will be costed in two parts and that phase (2) implementation will take place and be invoiced only if phase (1) feasibility determines that the project outcomes are deliverable.

  • Specification
  • Encryption in Enketo Express has to follow the same specifications as ODK Collect for encryption and ODK Briefcase for decryption.
  • Encryption should be functional for online-only and offline-capable webform views. In the latter draft records are not encrypted (same in ODK Collect).
    The ability to save draft records should be disabled in offline-capable views.
  • The auto-save feature for online-only webform views in Enketo Express should be disabled for encrypted forms
  • Minimal browser support is Chrome on Windows, Mac OS and Android
  • Support for Safari and all browsers on iOS is desirable but not required if technically not feasible. If not feasible a warning should be shown upon load.
  • Attaching files up to 5Mb per form is required
  • Implementation of the action attribute (which is called submission_url in XLSForm) is not part of this project. In the latest specification that is no longer a requirement for encryption and it is now considered an independent feature. When this attribute is absent the client will send submissions to the default URL (same as unencrypted submissions). Enketo will ignore the action attribute (and its associated method) value until that feature is added at a later stage.
  • All code outputs to be open source and to be merged with Enketo source to benefit user community

All bids should be sent by email to chrissy.roberts@lshtm.ac.uk. The closing date for bids is 2018-08-21 00:00 UTC

Dr Chrissy h. Roberts
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Research
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


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