Looking for ODK and coding training courses

Hello Everyone!

ODK has become a huge part of our company's work in West Africa and we're applying its tools in many fisheries now.

This forum is fantastic at responding to the issues I come across when setting up data collection systems in a country, but I was wondering if there were any training courses that ODK ran so I can learn the basic toolkit and not ask you so many questions!

@yanokwa - if ODK do not run courses, could you recommend any courses on various coding platforms? Is python best for ODK?



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Hi Frances, based on what you are looking for, I can organize some training sessions with you.
For XLSForm authoring, my colleague has some webinars, you can join this one if interested;



Hi Jonathon,

I missed this webinar unfortunately - could we perhaps arrange a call or some training sessions? We use ODK alot for World Bank projects and I am sure there are some things I am doing so inefficiently!

Many thanks,


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Hi Frances,
Did you find someone to help you with training for ODK?

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Hello Luna,
Are you still interested in this training?

Hello Jonathan,
Yes, I have some colleagues that are interested.
Would you share me more details please. Thanks

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Hi Lino,

Thanks for reaching out to me. I do offer trainings in;

  • XLSForms authoring, from basic to advanced levels
  • Data collection in ODK
  • Platform usage (Ona/Kobo/ODK aggregate server).
  • ODK form builder
  • ODK Briefcase.

I offer in house trainings or web-based trainings.
connect with me at munenegicovi@gmail.com and we can discuss which options suit you best.