Looking for ODK contracting and training work for 2 week project (possibly longer)


I'm new to the ODK community and happy to be here! I am part of a tech start-up that is developing a SaaS platform that has long-form dynamic questionnaires. We started out creating our own Excel templates, but they have proven to be clunky and difficult to update. We found ODK and thought it would be a better suit for what we're trying to achieve.

We are looking for someone who has a deep expertise in ODK XLS forms and is willing to take on a project that will likely initially be 2 weeks, but could become longer as we develop more questionnaires. We are also looking to learn ODK ourselves and need someone who is willing to teach us their process as they work.

A main problem we need to solve for is the implementation of table-like questions that have multiple sub-questions within categories. I've done a bit of research in the forum and know that this is not necessarily and easy task, but I know it's theoretically possible.

We are looking to start this project ASAP with a free initial project consultation.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please reach out!

Thank you!


Dear @elbeai ,

Good morning , you can have a look on my videos playlist which are

  1. ODK
  2. STATA

Have a look on CV . I am looking forward for hearing from you. My phone number is +91-7737777476. Feel free to whatsapp me.


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Hi Max @elbeai
I have developed dynamic forms with connection to sms and whats app also. I have also developed dynamically updating media/files for updating available lists in ODK using REST APIs.
I am also proficient with entities features as well and understand current limjtations with ODK very well.
We can discuss a demo at your convinience.

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