Looking for ODK developer for health surveillance project

Would appreciate any recommendations/leads on strong developers who have demonstrated track record implementing ODK for field research. Preference for US-based developers, though open to non-US.

Some background on the research:

  • Multi-year, multi-site surveillance of ~1500 rural participants in Ethiopia
  • Conducted by ~80 field data collectors
  • Need offline capability on Android tablet app (i.e., field collector needs to be able to see schedule of assignments offline and enter data offline; sync later when online)
  • Need scheduling capability (i.e., based on a set of decision rules, on a daily basis generate schedule of who needs to be surveyed by whom; assign new enrollees to data collectors)
  • Database needs to be architected to support collecting multiple health events for the same person over time (e.g., if a subject is pregnant, that will trigger multiple surveys throughout her pregnancy and immediate post-birth; if she becomes pregnant again after two years after a birth, database needs to manage scheduling and data collection for the second pregnancy)

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