Looking for ODK developer(s) with expertise in XLS Forms / locally hosted ODK Aggregate set up during July

We're looking for ODK developer(s) or experts to work with us during the month of July and August with any of the following expertise:

  • XLS Forms (complex relevant formulas: if, coalesce, etc) to implement specific skip logic inside a form

(here are the problems we need to solve: How to tailor question sets based on combination of responses submitted in XLS Forms)

  • Provide support for how to set up locally hosted ODK Aggregate (the potential person would need knowledge of ODK, Apache Tomcat, OpenJDK/JRE, and MySQL/PostgreSQL, etc) and implement some database functions.

  • Android developer for custom ODK collect (v1.22.4) application: we have a simple custom ODK collect app that requires some changes

If you have the required expertise, or can recommend anyone/an agency for this work, with availability to start immediately, please email me at dev@uprojectstools.com

Thank you.

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